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located in the Wasatch mountains outside of Park City, Utah, Codex West Studios is the ultimate artistic retreat for musicians and producers alike. built in a custom-designed 3000+ sqft. cabin, the recording space is perfect for artists looking for a getaway to make their next great record.

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about us

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johnny paglino

multi-instrumentalist. songwriting doctor. engineering enthusiast. his bona fides have landed him interviews with Vice and the Deli, ghostwriting jobs for artists on EMI, and headlining shows from LA to Guangzhou. session playing, sound design, song production - whatever you need, johnny will be your musical guide for your stay.


jake tripp

financial guru by day. drummer and dreamer by night. he brought the studio to life, first overseeing the initial construction and now managing the business back end. he handles all amenities, from transportation and food, to winter skiing and summer hiking. your stay is assured to be worry free because of this guy.

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mark kuivila

the music business is complicated. every artist needs a lawyer. we’ve got one who writes both academic articles and EDM bangers. he specializes in contract and intellectual property law - in the event of a copyright agreement, he’ll be the one to keep the process fair and easy.




4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a professional recording studio. all yours, with all amenities included. johnny will be your engineer, while jake will be your concierge. the studio resides on a state park and overlooks the Deer Creek reservoir - with mountains to hike, hot springs to swim, and some of the best slopes to ski in the world, there are a range of activities nearby to clear your head and your ears.


the studio features a hybrid mixing console, incorporating the best of both the analog and digital worlds. the recording room has been tuned and treated with character in mind - vocals and acoustic guitars record with oak tones, while drums are punchy and Brownian in color. the control room is comfortable and fully stocked with an assortment of synth, guitar and engineering hardware - we even built some of it ourselves! check the gear page for a list of all our equipment.


can’t make it out to Utah, but still want to work with us? we offer a range of remote services - we can be your session musician, songwriting consultant or your mixer and master engineer! here’s what we can do:

→ synths (modular/analog/soft/vst)

→ guitars (electric/acoustic/classical/bass)

→ drums (kit/congas/djembe/buffalo)

→ strings (mandolin/ukelele/u-bass/banjo)

→ piano (upright/electronic)

→ orchestra (flute/clarinet/violins via SWAM modeling)

→ vocals (pop/folk, male/female)

→ mixing/mastering (we can also warm up tracks that were made in-the-box)



Soundcraft Ghost

AML EZ1073-500

CAPI V26/LC25/LC40

Hairball FET Compressor

SSL G Buss Compressor


Orion 32

Dynaudio BM15a

Kemper Profiler

Fender Tube Twin Amp

Ableton/Pro Tools/Bitwig

UAD-2 Octo


Pro-Q 3/ Pro-MB


DSI Rev2

Moog Minitaur

DSI Tempest

Moog Grandmother

Roli Block

SWAM engine

Komplete 12 Ultimate



Modules from Make Noise, Mutable Instruments, Expert Sleepers, Intellijel et al (modules are frequently traded out, reach out if you want to know the current lineup)


Neumann TLM 67 with custom tube modification

Charter Oak SA538

Royer R101


Rode NT5

Shure SM57


American Strat

Fender Precision Bass

Larrivee Acoustic

Cordoba C9 Classical

LN-110 Mandolin

Kara Rumbler U-Bass

Ddrum AMX Drum Kit

Mapex Sledgehammer Snare

Meinl Dark Cymbals

Aux Percussion (Congas, Tambourines, Buffalo Drums, Shakers, etc.)


Vintage Banjo

Jean Paul Flute


French Horn

Vintage Clarinet


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